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How I Feel About My Finals Today

May 7th at 10AM / 31 notes


When My Boyfriend Heard That Justin Timberlake Was Making Music Again

Feb 11th at 11AM / 47 notes


When Trying To Figure Out These Tumblr Updates

Feb 11th at 11AM / 29 notes


Holidays With The Family

Dec 21st at 2PM / 7 notes

When I Was A Kid…


From Christmas Til New Years

Dec 21st at 2PM / 57 notes

When I’m Left Alone In My House At Night

Dec 21st at 2PM / 24 notes

I’m Usually Like…

Getting Me Out Of Bed During The Winter

Dec 21st at 2PM / 7 notes

Usually Ends Up Like…

My Relationship

Dec 21st at 2PM / 19 notes


My Boyfriend…

When I Got A 4.0 This Semester

Dec 19th at 12PM / 10 notes

At First I Was Like…

Then I was Like…

My Reaction To The End Of The World Coming

Dec 19th at 12PM / 32 notes